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April Promotions

Several Cadets have put the time in for studying, drilling, and PT in order to meet the requirements for the responsibility for their next rank.

Ground School Training

Over the spring break, numerous Cadets selflessly took their time off from school to dive into an intensive three full day Ground School Course. Ground school is an early step in flight training and is more theoretical than flight school.

Aerospace Education

As it is one of the three missions for Civil Air Patrol, our Aerospace Education Officers are always available during meetings to explain and teach. 

Pilot proficiency

We absolutely need to keep our pilots proficient, not only to FAA safety standards but to Civil Air Patrol requirements. 

Cadet Promotions

Promotions are a big deal in Civil Air Patrol. For the parent, pinning their cadet helps involve them in the process. Sometimes, the parent is a senior member!

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